Tribulation album review Treble

Tribulation’s Down Below, their fourth album and second for Century Media, distills the diverse stylistic approach and melodic songwriting from their previous album down to a more potent solution. It’s a little bit shorter than its predecessor, fitting on two sides of vinyl instead of three (that side four etching tho), and its hooks are sharper and more direct. And yet the band’s sense of gothic grandeur hasn’t abated. It’s only natural that “The Lament,” the album’s opening track, end up the first single released from the album. Its stark plucks of guitar in its opening seconds arise like mist from an eerie moor, while its onslaught of heavy metal pummel ushers in an unabashed hedonistic quality that they don’t just embrace but wholeheartedly own. It’s spooky and campy and dramatic—Tribulation encapsulated in five and a half amazing minutes.

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