On-Camera and Voice-Over Work

Since DJing on San Diego State University radio station KCR, Jeff Terich has built up a portfolio of voice and on-camera work ranging from podcasts to late-night TV.

Visit San Diego — Guides to the Good Stuff

Jeff hosted and narrated a guide to live music in San Diego for Visit San Diego, highlighting local venues and chatting with musicians about playing at the city’s clubs and theaters.

Unherd TV

From 2016 to 2018, Jeff co-hosted a music-oriented late-night TV show in the San Diego market, doing both voice over and standup segments on upcoming live shows to catch.

The Worst Song Podcast

For two years Jeff co-hosted a podcast about the worst songs (or songs that have been nominated as “the worst” for one reason or another), via Treble, which included 45-minute discussions of whether or not those songs are as bad as people say they are.